Gending Cokekan art that challenges guests

Ancient Javanese art is often misunderstood visitors who watch this dance, the Tandhakan dancers while dancing to the accompaniment Gending Cokek (Cokekan) as a martial arts-style. Dance movement is considered a challenge! Ever so beloved by the people, especially in Java in the 1960s - 1970s, many heard as traditional arts performed by the singers in traditional markets.

Art tradition Tandhakan in the past in Surabaya, Mojokerto, Sidoarjo, Jombang, Lamongan, Gresik, Malang has a motive and a unique procedure for the organization, listen gending (traditional songs) are sung, kendangan motif (including the dance motif) procedures for its implementation .

The Gendings like Jula-juli, Cakra Negara, Samirah, Lambang, Caogletak, Ijo-ijo, Turi-turi putih, Genjik-ngincik, Bribil, Sontoloyo, Blandaran and Cokek is not foreign in the eyes of fans.

At one of the dancer guests asked for gending cokek, they dances with a pattern of motion of martial arts, it is considered to be arrogant or cocky are interpreted by the other guest dancers as a challenge, so guests who feel challenged dancers will be advanced to the tandhakan arena and dealing with the dancers challenging earlier, this situation led to fights between guests dancing.

A period which had so looked forward to his fans hit the public taste has changed along with the current date. When the feudal cultures that support the arts has fallen, then the Cokekan community is no longer able to compete with the arts that exist today.

It's different case for the tourists who come to this region that is still showing this traditional arts, when they heard a musical drum instrument, gong made of bamboo and one unit of the lyre, an aura of musical traditions of the past echoing in the air. And so it came to cokekan performance art in space large hall at the Pendopo Agung Ambarrukmo Royal Hotel, the hotel that still maintains the traditional art of their guests in Yogyakarta.

Always be a passion for the hotel management, Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel - Yogyakarta with all the activity or activities to maximize the traditional smells in the Pendopo Agung stage. Travelers appreciate the tradition of art like this.

(Source F Nurkholis, Art Caktri-Tribroto, travelKompas / Images DewaBara, p2tel)


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