The Beatles, "Abbey Road, London" I Love You

By Abun Sanda

From the original title "The Beatles, I Love You"

Its Thursday, August 9, 2012, at 07:10, the temperature in London is still in the 12 degrees Celsius, but three dozen teenage girls from Belgium was in Abbey Road, approximately 200 meters from the railway station St John's Wood. They took turns taking pictures and take turns walking the Abbey Road zebra crossing, to be photographed. Zebra's most famous zebra crossing in the world, the dream of zebra crossing can be passed rabid fans of The Beatles.

In the path of the pedestrian crossing, once the four Beatles - Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - across the street. Photo's legendary four personnel who bewitched the world. Already millions of photographs were printed, and who knows how many are used as the image on T-shirts, bags, shirts, jackets, glasses, tablecloths, calendars and other materials.

Maybe John Lennon, Paul McCartney and their friends would never have expected, they cross the zebra crossing picture is thus favored fan. And so, although the Beatles had stayed name, their fans, who are spread across five continents not only loved the songs of The Beatles, but also the legendary photo.

To show love, and awe them to The Beatles fans from all five continents like to come to London, walking on zebra crossing is to be photographed, then printed and mounted on walls or on facebook, or twitter or personal picture on the BlackBerry.

Teen thirties when they were not finished taking pictures, is back tens or even hundreds of fans, who also wanted to cross the zebra crossing and photographed. They come from Russia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Holland, Indonesia, Samoa, Fiji and France. Well as dozens of journalists coming from different countries. Action photographing portraits often hampered due to heavy traffic on Abbey Road began packed with vehicles. Like motorists do not like, like it or not, share with Beatles fans who were impressed "occupy" a piece of road.

Stingen Alexander Jr., a merchant who every day through the Abbey Road told every day there are 200 people to 3,000 people who came to Abbey Road. After the photo on the zebra crossing, they like to come to the studio of The Beatles, which is located 20 meters from the crosswalk.

The fans were really unique. Some are lying on the pavement, saying, "Ahh, maybe Paul McCartney who had been lying too cute here." There also use markers to write their name on the studio's white fence. Fence every once painted white and a half years, always full name of the fans of The Bealtles. The average write with enthusiasm, "The Beatles, I love you."

A number of fans, who felt that the fence wall is full name and greeting, choose to climb a tree and write the words on the wall next to Studio. "The Beatles, whatever happens, I love you".

(Adjusted for this blog with sources of travelKompas /Images wikipedia, Lucy Pandjaitan)

Abun Sanda. A senior journalist.


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