Chasing the Gili' Sun - Part 1

By Myrna Ratna

Note: An interesting article that ever served in a Jakarta’s newspaper, "Kompas". Hopefully blog readers can also enjoyed it.


IN Gili Trawangan sun rises and sets greeted with joy. Also when darkness fell, and the reflection of the golden moon to guide action.

Jafar, Lombok driver who drove home from the airport shuttle Praya, Lombok, to the Port Bangsal, repeatedly pulled up, let us absorb the scenic landscape that unfolds shortly in advance. Palm trees lined the ranks following the curve of the coastline, ocean blue backdrop with white sand.

Travel for two hours to the port barely felt. Rows of neatly parked motor boat at the dock, near the pedestrian bridge built potluck. The three islands, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, feels close range. However, it took 15-20 minutes to get there, it was a fast boat full speed. The sea began to put on that afternoon to make ships weaving to avoid the brunt of the waves.

Ah, the changing face of Gili Trawangan. Foreign tourists to sunburned skin was everywhere. They fill suburban swimming pool, café tables overlooking the sea, and of course the main streets are narrow and sandy islands. There is a tube carrying submarines, surfboards, or crowded cycling.

Density of tourists is almost like Kuta, Bali. However, there is, "saved" here. There was no sound of a motor vehicle. That was the sound of horses' feet pitter, interesting cidomo, sort of gig. Although sometimes the smell of excrement wafted, the coachman obedient to make that catch in his chariot from relatively safe streets, "mine".

What also distinguishes, here need not anxiously awaiting the presence and departure of the sun. The giant red ball coming and going on time, clean of mist and cloud sweeps. And this is how the, "island community", off twilight. Rollicking walking or cycling to the west (just about 15 minutes), and then sat on the beach, or meet the restaurant tables are flanked by sand beaches. There also are carrying their own tables and chairs. Over the next half hour, all eyes focused toward the shoreline slowly changing color.

The charm begins with the sun perfectly round red lights. Radiance makes sea and sky covered with faded reddish orange hue. The giant ball slowly down, making black silhouettes of ships traveling through it. Until then disappeared into the shoreline. Ocean color changed to blue black. However, its surface gradually becomes silvery back. Looking up to the sky, the full moon has come round. July is a time of full moon. The topper was a guiding light in an unlit street trails.

In various centers of the crowd, the evening was a celebration with music, dance, and culinary sea. Red fresh fish freshly caught from the sea lying on a pile of ice. Plump shrimp stacked surface nodes near the crabs were still waving his claws. No need to burn a lot of seasoning fish and shrimp. Freshness already give a natural sweetness and savory.

The music faintly heard from every corner of the island. Carried by the sea breeze gently blowing. It was a long night.

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(Source KompasCetak /Images Frank Benjamin)

Myrna Ratna. A woman journalist.


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