Chasing the Gili' Sun - Part 2

Note: An interesting article that ever served in a capital city newspaper, "Kompas". Hopefully blog readers can also enjoyed it. The following article is the second part of two posts.

The first article.

By Myrna Ratna


The ritual that catch the sun repeat in the morning. This time to the east. Residents of the island have opened their eyes when the dawn is still looming. Fishing boats anchored in the middle of the sea, the capture of fish for sale to the island.

For tourists from the country of four seasons, the sun is like a magnet. When a local resident walks around among the shade of the trees, pale-skinned figures that just crammed in the most exposed area of the heat.

The beach and the sea became the center of activity during the morning and afternoon. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular choice. Snorkeling package rates for five hours, including the hire boats and equipment, around Rp 700,000. Likewise, spa and traditional massage. Ranging from hundreds of thousands per hour classroom-star hotels to grade fifty thousand in roadside stalls selling well.

Cycling around the island is equally challenging. The most convenient time to explore the island area of 338 acres that was in the afternoon, starting at the east end and west end resting while waiting for the sunset.

Back porch island also holds charm. Small hotels facing the sea grew here and there. Similarly, private villas with green garden, and of course cafes and restaurants. Distance from one building to another building still separated the natural landscape. Remains calm and "sense" natural.

However, almost half thick sandy path. What may make, was forced guided bike. Stop for a moment to enjoy the beauty around the more 'buzz', despite the frenetic crowd. Here the waves that broke against the rock sound more ferocious. Also tweets flock of birds flew over leaving a long whistle.

A number of island children huddled on the beach looking for shells. One by one acquisition put into a plastic bag. Step agile pursue their rocky sand beach and disappeared behind a hill.

Along with the rapid development of tourism in the island-as resorts, hotels, and restaurants scrambling throng land-coastal settlements increasingly relegated to the hill. Growth does not always run parallel with the well-being of local residents. The runoff is then a "guest" in their homeland.

That night, we met with Siti, 13-year-old girl who keep dozing grocery store alone. Hours are 23:00 o'clock. Unlike her peers who may have fallen asleep after homework, Siti still have to work.

"Every day I work from 09.00 till 12 o'clock at night (at 24.00). After that, I cleaned the store, a new home. Tomorrow morning here again, " said Siti who work from Monday to Sunday, with no days off, with a salary of Rp 1 million per month.

Siti was still have spirit into a junior high student when parents are forced to quit school and work, help the family economy, "I still want to school, but should not be, should work," she said.

Yes, the face of Trawangan constantly changing. Constantly changing ....

(Source Kompas Cetak /Images Frank Benjamin)

Myrna Ratna. A woman journalist.


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