Berlin Zoo's oldest panda in the world has gone

By J Primus

--> From the original title "Oldest Panda Dead"

At the age of 34, a male giant panda named Bao Bao dead. Achievement of this age is the oldest Panda for the world animal from China who became an icon of Berlin Zoo, Germany.

According to Xinhua news on Wednesday, August 22, 2012, the zoo is still investigating the cause of death of Bao Bao. "Pathetic. However, Bao Bao stay unforgettable," the zoo said in a statement.

According to the manager of the Berlin Zoo, in recent months, the physical condition of Bao Bao is seen to decrease. Bao Bao is The People's Republic of China government gift to the government of the Republic of Germany, at that time, along with a female panda Tian Tian. The Chinese government handed them in November 1980.

Tian Tian first death in February 1984. As of November 1991, Bao Bao lived alone until sent to England to be mated with female pandas Ming Ming.

However, they do not make the effort to bring Ming Ming pregnant. In May 1993, Bao Bao sent back to Berlin.

In 1995, a female panda named Yan Yan sent from Beijing to Berlin. Again, this effort to arouse lust by Bao Bao produce offspring.

Unfortunately, for the second time, this step fails. Yan Yan died in Berlin in March 2007. By the end of his life, Bao Bao had no children.

(Source /Image wikipedia)

J Primus. A journalist, lives in Jakarta.


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