Travelers love the gold and silver handicrafts from Bali

Besides the carving crafts and sculptures that have been known since the past in the Island of Bali, a group of tourists from Hong Kong and Singapore more prefer chasing silver and gold handicrafts.

A wide variety of designs made by artisans in Bali, carving crafts, paintings, sculptures and others had been no doubt of its uniqueness. Wander around the shopping complex which sells handicrafts around Kuta area, it is not difficult to find sellers that offer the passing traveler.

Various models with creations that may be surprising us, but there are some models made of silver and gold are of particular interest for tourists.

Currently, models are made of shells with gold jewelery and silver carvings most coveted, it is then seen on the silver jewelry market in Hong Kong and Singapore are filled with goods from Bali.

It is appropriate with statement of Wayan Wijaya an owner silver jewelery outlets in The Village of Celuk, District Sukawati, Gianyar, citing from the Antara News Agency website. Similarly, the information obtained from the Department of Industry and Trade of the Province of Bali said the same thing about the uniqueness of a particular craft tourist hunting.

Expertise in the field of silver jewelry that produce merchandise of the art design in accordance with the times that contain local content was appreciated in the eyes of the tourists.

Travelling while enjoying crafts can even buy it, be pleasant experience for both parties.

(Source Antara News, travelKompas, I Wayan Suriawan /Images bliketut, balitours)


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