Wow, Transparent Toilet in New York!

You have the opportunity to go to New York? A friend described his experiences there. The city that never stops, pulses extraordinary city life despite past midnight, so crowded. The streets are lively as well as the atmosphere around the arena subway commuter.

It's fun when the roads there, most of the places of interest can be reached by foot. Very adequate subway transportation, ticket about USD 2 a day can be used anywhere in New York. Just walk because the sidewalks super wide and comfortable, endlessly interesting things along the way.

When you walk in this city, do not smile at random people passing around you. Believe me, they will ignore you, they are a New Yorker! Haha ... New Yorkers were running very fast, like a half-running, so get used to it.

Well, here's a tidbit there. A hotel building which was inaugurated in 2008, and received an award from the Municipal Arts Society of New York in that year, has a decent toilet concern.

Anyone who crosses Washington and W 14h Sts can see directly the hotel visitors urinating through the giant windows in the toilet.

The toilet in the club Boom Boom Room, 18th floor, Standard Hotel, New York, is clearly visible from the highway. Windows as high as three feet from top to bottom to make them like a window that can be "enjoyed" when people were passing by.

Can imagine the reaction of people to see it, as delivered by David Langdon, a man 55 years old from Melbourne, Australia, citing news from, "The view outside is exciting, but the view inside is frightening," he said. He saw people passing by on the street below waved at him. An experience that he did not expect.

Despite this, the city of New York is always exciting, try looking around you. Some famous avenue, such as 42nd Street Avenue, 5th Avenue is also a well known everywhere. The places that must be visited, such as Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and will not run out and not be satisfied.

Guaranteed satisfaction and more enjoyable to visit this city during the summer!

(Source, Kompas, Devari /Images devari, wikimedia)


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