Fried Grasshoppers, Come and Try its unique taste!

A place known with its contours of the mountains barren rocks, volcanic rocks interspersed with the green surroundings. Exotic panorama with views of the beach and the waves in the distance the eye can see.

The uniqueness of this place is enhanced when you try the region's distinctive culinary, snack fried grasshoppers. This type of culinary is a food that is familiar to people in the mountains with rice and "lodeh" vegetables, indeed complementary side of scrumptious food.

Along the streets of the city of Yogyakarta in order Gunungkidul going through a dense forest of teak trees, the seller offers live grasshoppers tied in rope, consisting of five bonds could be worth Rp20-35 thousand (around USD 2-3.5) and ready to be fried.

Can you imagine this things? Grasshopper surviving swaying, of course, it must be tingling when entering our throat when going to eat it.

Will sound like eating crackers like shrimp or fried foods, according to a local resident who had been accustomed to eating, fried grasshoppers have felt like it was pretty tasty fried shrimp.

Of course there is a process that can be fried grasshoppers, locusts cleaned first and seasoning salt and garlic, then fried in hot oil. Green color grasshopper life instantly changed color after being cooked fried brown.

According to the study there is a special protein content of these grasshoppers, although not recommended for those of you who have an allergy to the fried food.

Unique food is difficult to find in the big cities, but residents believe that nature of Gunungkidul provide it for them.

(Source ADK Suryanto-travelKompas, Prima Widi Hatmi-Yogyakarta /Images Wadiyo, Lovetiffa)


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