Chinese Travelers like the beaches of Bali

The beaches on the island of Bali a charm of its own with its beauty clear water and blue shades beaches, such as those to be found in the White Sand Beach or watch the coconut trees on the Balangan beach, for example.

The other beaches on the island of Bali also provides an atmosphere of its own, such as Bingin Beach, Suluban Beach for surfing fans and many more beaches on the island of Bali which has unique characteristics other than Kuta Beach that was already previously famous throughout the world.

Apparently the beach is a tourist lure for tourists from China, they are easily visible were around attractions Tanah Lot, Kuta, Uluwatu, and some marine attractions as well as other beaches.

Currently, Chinese tourists ranks second after Australia who visit Bali, it is understandable then if you see most of the tourists from China who came originally from the mountainous regions of China.

Despite this, there is always a historically emotional closeness between the two regions, with the support of air transportation convenience and ease of access, of course.

Beaches always bring different charms for tourists, the warm air, comes a refreshing thirst culinary dishes and seafood grilled fish. Certainly gives a different nuance to them.

Do not be surprised if one day, when the time you visit the island of Bali, there is not always tourists from Europe or Australia, become more Asian faces soon filled the streets in the south of the island. All of these things will provide diversity to the tourist areas of Bali, in particular.


(Source Antara News /Images Veronica Saver)


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