Only 2 packs of cigarettes into Australia

The news that makes smokers less chances to satisfy their desires. The Australian Government has considered well all things concerning this policy, from 1 September 2012, the rules apply to all passengers arriving from abroad are only allowed to carry 50 cigarettes (about 2 packs).

There are well wishes from the Australian government to make healthy anyone who arrives in Australia, reducing the number of smokers and also increase revenue.

Of course the reaction from many quarters about this policy, especially since the rules is considered implemented in a hurry. Considering that most of the passengers from Asia did not know this rule.

If there are passengers who have already brought a lot of smoking more than 2 packs, they are still allowed to bring in, but they have to pay taxes for it.

Previous regulations that apply as in many other countries, passengers may bring 250 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco products.

Of course, the countries with tourists who are smokers will be affected, such as China, is one of the countries with the highest number of smokers in the world.

Is this rule will be effective or will there be a delay? Taking a news quoting from the Brisbane Times article, Caroline Wilkie, Executive Director of the Australian Airports Management Association expressed her concern over the new foreign tourists coming to Australia.

Australia is being aggressively launched a promotion for foreign tourists, especially for tourists from China. She just hoped no serious consequences for the reputation of her country.

If so, should reduce cigarette is certainly a better and healthier, right?

(Source L Sastra Wijaya - travelKompas, Sony R Simanjuntak - Melbourne /Image kaskus)


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