Be a good passenger on a flight

How does it feel to have a passenger on board became so annoying? You must have experience and meet passenger like this, push your chair from behind and others.

There are only resentment, of course, is not it? Here are some tips for being a good passenger when going up and on the plane.

1. The time at check-in. Note the small but necessary, prepare tickets in hand and your identity card.
2. Baggage. Researching how well the allowed weight limit. For example, just two pieces, it is troublesome, just one suitcase and one box.
3. When traveling with a group. Point to one of the representatives to arrive earlier at the airport, and check-in for all the entourage, complete with a copy of the identity of each person in the group. Luggage can be forwarded as soon as they arrive.
4. Pull off the road when walking in the aisle. Immediately get into seat area, give way for the other passengers. Luggage can be put into the cabin once more deserted hallway to raise the bag on the cabin top. No need to hesitate climbed on a chair to put the bag in the direction of the cabin.
5. Sitting on the specified seat number. Before the plane take off and was in the air, make sure it is. Sitting in a chair in accordance with the number of boarding pass. In addition to safety concerns, an empty chair has been filled with possibility of other passengers.
6. For safety frequency bands and air navigation systems, switch off electrical devices. Electronic items such as gadgets, mobile phones and notebooks must be turned off during the flight. Signals are sent to endanger the flight. No need to be reprimanded by the flight crew, isn’t it? Unless the airlines has Inflight Connectivity facilities that allow electronic equipment is turned on.
7. Take time to look at the safety demo. Safety Demo performed by cabin crew, take the time even though you often see. Appreciation is also necessary for them. Are not they'll help you during the flight?
8. Chair. Lower the back of the chair, once the time is right. Do it after the plane took off and the seat belt sign is turned off. Look back if passengers in the back to use the table in back of the back seat or not.
9. Observe the passenger seat next to you. Let the passenger next to you feel relax, do not always have to talk to him. Do not place items around his feet, stretched out wide newspaper or leaning on the arm / shoulder.
10. When bringing children. Prepare children before they boarded on the plane, to say clearly what they should do, to avoid disturbing other passengers. It is also troublesome is when carrying a baby, make sure all their needs have been well prepared. It may also bring toys for the little kids. Prepare also special baby belt, as well as in children.
11. Upon arrival, also does not necessarily need to rush down. Sitting up wearing a seat belt sign is turned off. Take the items in the cabin top, let the person in front first. When forced to ask politely the person in front to pass through them, while they're busy, for example when they dropped their stuff on the cabin top or hem their children.

And the traveling will go on!

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