Gangnam means "south of the river"

Gangnam became so famous after unique video titled "Gangnam Style" posted to YouTube, reaching more than 230 million access in less than one month since being uploaded on August 29, and will break the Guinness world record.

Who else can afford that kind except PSY, Korean singer who brought the plague Korean music to the world. Watch the singer's style, with fresh unique dance wobble like a prancing horse, he showed in a humorous video that captured the hearts of millions of people.

Because of the uniqueness of the video, to the extent that the Holywood artists involved talking about, like Tom Cruise, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Justin Bieber that contribute to spread the popularity of Gangnam Style via microblogging site Twitter. Even Britney Spears wants to be taught a course a cute choreography in that video.

But the term itself Gangnam what? Yes, it comes from the Korean language which means "south of the river". And Gangnam is an entertainment district in South Korea is known for its nightlife, and majority only the rich people live there.

This area is located around the subway station, Gangnam is the center of socialization and also one of the busiest areas of Seoul. Maybe because it was in the intersection, so that this region is a cozy meeting place of almost all the places in all parts of the city, looking youth faces jokes in this region. Very much worth as a place to hang-out, of course!

No need to wonder if very easy to find entertainment, theaters, dozens of restaurants offering a variety of culinary specialties of Korea, such as kimchi, bulgogi, Gimbap, Tteok, samgyeopsal and even visitors can drink Soju sake - rice based Korean style. Bars are also ready to serve visitors open until the early hours at 4:00 am, evenings were lively with the presence of several food stalls with tents (p'och'angmachas in local terms).

Similarly, a crowd of people who gave encouragement to the 'gamers' (fan of computer games), people gather to watch people play games while cheering.

Tourists who come to Korea will certainly not miss this region, with prices that are accessible to anyone, festive glow with bright fluorescent lights, and excitement of singing at karaoke, and much more.

No wonder when Jae-Sang Park (PSY real name) was inspired by the region, he creates unique and funny song about the Gangnam area. Entertainment district where people let go of fatigue after returning to work, hang out.

The song is simple, tacky style, and the music is catchy raised Gangnam neighborhood to the entire world.

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