Paintings on ‘lontar’ leaves of Tenganan Village

Paintings made by artisans in the village of Tenganan Pegringsingan, Bali about 5 km north of Candidasa has a distinctive design and a variety of motifs and images to appeal to have. Unique and beautiful!

This was conveyed by some of the tourists who visit the traditional villages, the picture is simple, including engineering drawings pose in black made from burned walnut.

The images contained in lontar leaves (a palm genus) were packed, forming plaque. Citing a news from the “Antara” news agency, a lontar craftsman, Parwata Putu said the leaves are used as raw material for craft painting was taken from an old lontar leaves, and then dried in the open exposed to direct sunlight, until the color changed to yellow .

Making paintings through the stages of the process as above, then soaked in running water for several days and then dried with a dry cloth. Once it is through boiling and drying stages and the final stage presses a new entry using the tool pressed (to form a straight palm leaf not wavy) from a large timber called "pamlakbagan".

It’s a long process up to 6 months, then the lontar sheets are ready to be painted, the sheet called "lempir". Craftsmen ejection using simple tools, a specially shaped knife pencil, called "pengutik". Then the result of scratches that have been made, rubbed "soot" of charcoal grilled hazelnut and cleaned with liquid oil "lemongrass" to yield cleaner and more durable than insects.

Long process and requires patience, but the results achieved very satisfactory for the eye can see. The types of paintings that have a special theme well-liked tourists, such as the painting story of Ramayana.

Are you interested in visiting this traditional village, which is famous for its traditional culture and customs? Be smart bargain price of their paintings, prices range from USD 15 until hundreds of dollars depending on the length of the motif and painting.

Unique crafts to the stages of a long process, perseverance and artistic talent that flows in the blood of the craftsmen, worthy of respect as it should. Of course.

(Source Antara News, travelKompas /Images Suzan Nita)


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