Walking around in Hongkong while rent "Handy" smartphone

Exciting news for tourists who choose Hong Kong as a tourist destination, walk in there enjoying the uniqueness of Hong Kong while renting “Handy” smartphones that are in A03 and B12 units in the Hongkong International Airport arrivals area at a price of HK $ 88 per day.

A company there provides rental services for tourists with attractive facilities such as unlimited 3G internet access, rental costs also include the cost of international and local calls to 17 countries spanning up to the Macau region.

Tink Labs, the company, said that with the rental services provide easy choice for tourists, including no longer need to look for a Wifi point, tourist guides, or to buy a new SIM card.

Travelers would not have to prepare for their gadgets when they arrive in Hong Kong airport, this service provides an opportunity to reach every tourist sites to be achieved.

Terence Kwok as a representative of the company gave the name "Handy" on telecommunications services, using the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone type of Android-based operating system, with the possibility of other types of smartphones in the future.

Tourists really spoiled with the "Handy", available 40 types of applications to be used by first giving a deposit of HK $ 4,000 as a deposit or use a credit card.

A walk in the city of Hong Kong while browsing the Internet, looking for an unique location, exquisite cuisine. Moreover, if less so, all readily available.

(Source CNNGo, travelKompas /Image Tink Labs)


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