Business travelers prefer Singapore

Business activities in Southeast Asia rose more than doubled compared to last year. Rapid economic growth and a strong balance sheet, corporate Southeast Asia are aggressively targeting energy companies, financial, and retail from around the world.

Keith Magnus, head of UBS investment banking unit in Singapore, said, "Companies in South East Asia is now well established and ready to export capability in large scale." citing an article about the pace of mergers and acquisitions that are included in the, July 2012.

A survey conducted by the Accor hotel operator provide similar information, which is made of 2,500 business travelers in Asia Pacific. The news contained in Channel NewsAsia, Tuesday, August 21, 2012 which states, of the Asia Pacific Business Traveller Research conducted each year to determine the travel and behavioral preferences of business travelers in Asia Pacific.

Seen from a later survey that most travelers come to Singapore for a business trip, the city became the main destination travelers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India.

Evan Lewis, Vice President of Communications Accor Asia Pacific said, the business is a reflection of the sentiment and business travel volume is a reflection of how the economy runs.

Business travelers in Asia on average spend 125 Singapore dollars per night for hotel accommodation during the first six months of 2012, up 3 percent compared to last year.

Type of business emphasizes service and location, for consideration of the ease of access anywhere as a primary consideration.

Understandably then, when hotels in Singapore respond to this by fixing the completeness of the hotel, service, quality equipment and the price of hotel rooms, food and beverages.

All the main thing when both were there, the survey said business travelers generally are more extravagant in spending money, which is 156 Singapore dollars per night for accommodation average of three nights during their business travel.

(Source Channel News Asia, Robert Adhi Ksp - bisnisKompas /Images Lucy Pandjaitan)


  1. It's not surprising since Singapore is a world leading financial centre. I have been sent there many times on business and have stayed in hotels and serviced apartments, which I actually prefer for the flexibility of lifestyle they allow.

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