Sri Lanka safely visited by tourists

Why is the title of this article as written? Currently, as reported by the Xin Hua News Agency, August 20, 2012 article quoting a portal site "Kompas" on Travel Advisory issued by the British government against British tourists to visit tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.

This policy of course protested by the Government of Sri Lanka through their ambassador in England, Chris Nonis, who sent a letter of protest related policy.

Travel Advisory is a public notice issued by a government agency to provide information about the relative safety of traveling to or visiting one or more specific foreign destinations (Source Wikipedia).

It has a good purpose in accordance mean a state government issued a policy regarding the security of its citizens, with a range of related issues such as inclement weather, security matters, civil unrest or disease.

It is in a broad sense can detrimental country that has tourism as one of the attractions to visit their country, the case for the government of Sri Lanka to worry about losing thousands of tourists who visit come from England.

On the other side of the country that issued a travel advisory policies also have a specific reason, such as that of the British government.

The Sri Lankan government in Colombo to convey through the media about the security of their country and deserve to be visited. Sri Lanka had ever experienced the civil war to an end in May 2009, security conditions improved progressively bolder in the country in the southern part of India.

They focus on the tourism sector, since July 2012 increased tourist presence. Similarly, the presence of a British tourist who reaches 13,643 people, up 13.7 percent over the first seven months of 2012. This number is second only to the tourists coming from neighboring countries to the north, India.

Sri Lanka still one of the exotic destinations in the southern continent, not just for British tourists with a wide range of cultural attractions, the center of the Buddhist religion and culture from ancient times. Wealth of natural scenery, beaches, tropical forests, green tea and coffee plantations, gemstones, coconuts, rubber and cinnamon.

Visiting this country, also called “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, has a diversity of cultures and varying history of over three thousand years ago. Charm for anyone, of course also to travelers who arrive in this country.

(Source Kompas, Xin Hua, wikipedia /Images wikipedia)


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