The Beautiful Sari, delicious Soanpapdi and Darjeeling Tea

By Fransisca Romana Ninik

-> From the original title "From Sari, Soanpapdi, to Darjeeling Tea"

Note: This is the story of the journey from the female journalist in a mass media - "Kompas" when she was in India, October 2012. Of course this is an interesting journey. Certainly the blog readers can feel the description of the journey.


What can be taken as a Indian typical souvenir? If you do not like the spicy food, the souvenirs become the choice. One of the most sought after is the Sari cloth. In New Delhi, you can go to Janpath or Sarojii Nagar to get this one textile products.

One of the corner store Sarojini Nagar so crowded with the buyers. In fact, one of the retailer understands Indonesian despite limited only about prices. 6 meter long sari fabrics at an affordable price, 400-900 rupees. However, there are also cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for a soft silk Sari with beautiful ornaments and motifs.

You can choose from a rather coarse cloth until smooth. Assorted colors blended beautifully to make the wearer look beautiful like Aishwarya Rai or Kareena Kapoor in the Bollywood films production. "It's just cheap. Six hundred and twenty-five rupees," the salesman said the price spell accent that funny sounded.

If you want to feel adequate food "entered" in the tongue, you can choose soanpapdi. It is a square shaped cake with multiple layers made of flour, butter (ghee), chickpea flour/chickpea, and sugar.

If it gets into the mouth, soanpapdi will instantly melt like cotton candy. It was also sweet. On top of it sprinkled with pistachio nuts or almonds are crisp. There are original or chocolate flavor. One box soanpapdi sold for Rs 170-250, depending on the size.

Soanpapdi known as typical foods in mainland South Asia, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Usually served for dessert or afternoon tea.

Talking about tea, no less tasty to take home is darjeeling tea. As the name suggests, is a darjeeling tea from Darjeeling district, West Bengal. That stuff was black tea, green tea, and oolong tea.

With souvenirs in hand, complete journey enjoy the exoticism of India.

(Source F Romana Ninik – Kompas, travelKompas, L Pandjaitan - India /Images Wikipedia)


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