The World's Oldest Houses in Scotland

A friend recently in October, performing holiday to Scotland, she was very impressed with this country. According towns there as seen in the cities of Europe.

Although there were so many new buildings with modern architecture a draw, she also tells the story of Glasgow and Edinburgh, the big city with big buildings, very organized and solid.

Furthermore, she said in a note on a social media site, "Scotland, land of lochs (lake), bens (mountains), valleys (hmmhh.., forgot the term in Gaellic, is it glenn?), clans, nice and friendly people, Nessy the most beloved monster in Scotland, and home to Gordon Benton, a dear ex colleague and his charming wife Trisha."

If she is still there, she would be shocked by a news release on the website of National Geographic this November. She naturally wanted to visit this prehistoric site, for sure!

The team of archaeologists from Scotland, Rod McCullagh and his friends, found a home at Scottish prehistoric when the excavation in the area of ​​Edinburgh, Scotland. The house is thought to have stood in the Mesolitikum to 10,252 years ago, through radiocarbon tests were performed. They estimate that this is the oldest house found in Scotland.

In addition, they found a few things besides the post holes, such as fires, bow, and prehistoric tools. The house was occupied only during the winter, after researchers found hazelnuts in large quantities in the storage house. "The discovery of this kind is rare and this site has given us the opportunity to expand our understanding of human prehistory." said Ed Bailey, Project Manager Excavation.

The discovery and archaeological evidence and palaeoenviromental will assist in collecting puzzles and picture detail about Mesolitikum times era, ah...

Scotland is an exotic country brings a lot of imagination to the tourists there.

(Source Lucy Pandjaitan, D Purwaraja - National Geographic Indonesia /Images Lucy Pandjaitan, Transport Scotland - National Geographic)


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