Google Street View Car around Jakarta

They are more serious in the country to attend these islands, as seen in the official launch of its Street View service in Indonesia.

As reported in the mass media in this country, starting Friday, November 23, 2012, Google began to operate the Google Street View car to photograph places in several cities, starting from Jakarta, and tourist areas in Indonesia.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy car they seemed enthusiastic about the special needs of these unique attractions, such as that delivered by the Minister of Tourism, Mari Elka Pangestu, when met at the launch event in Epicentrum Walk, Jakarta, "Google Street View Project will commence from Jakarta City and will soon proceed to other cities."

Through the car's various tourist locations will be displayed on the Web and will allow potential travelers before deciding where to do the tour in a place in Indonesia.

A variety of authentic photographs of the tourist sites can be seen in real time, collected and formulated which will then be uploaded to Google Street View. Once completed, the user can "walk" virtually, for example in the city of Jakarta.

Andrew McGlinchey, Product Manager of Google says that the photo in Jakarta will be performed by more than 10 cars were equipped with a camera 360 degrees.

Travelling anywhere will be easier and will provide an opportunity for travelers to share with more friends in the course of a pleasant excursion.

(Source Deliusno - teknoKompas /Image wikipedia)


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