Software that surprise which facilitates Tourism

Apparently the major companies in the field of software formerly known as the king of search engines, Google, does not want to remain silent in terms of their involvement in the field of tourism.

Through their software, Street View, which is done since 2007 is getting better and is able to give a surprise for its users. One that made surprise is in the tourism area in the countries of Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and so on.

Although at first this software records many cities in the United States, then progresses to the world's cities and other unique rural areas. Its ability to convince users to zoom, with base maps and satellite, and also by dragging a "pegman" icon onto a location on a map.

Google has completed their service projects Street View panoramic photo to one of the tourist attraction in Indonesia. It is delivered by Vishnu Mahmud, their representative in Indonesia, citing Kompas portal news, in mid-October.

No doubt about it, if we talk the ability of the company, of course. A software service that is in Google Maps, the recorded images of tourism destinations around the world.

Their cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism in some countries, including the countries of Southeast Asia, relate to their representatives information, in addition to Google Maps, the software - Street View, which was able to show more specific tourist sites in a desired place.

The software will facilitate the user to see the view of the object in a specific location or street, as if we invited to walk, even virtually.

Try this certainly will bring an experience in itself!

(Source Kompas, Aditya Panji /Image google maps)


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