Culinary Traveled by Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson is known as the owner of the restaurant as well as a chef/partner of Five & Ten and The National, also his own Empire State South in Atlanta, GA, started cooking at a young age.

At 15, he began working in restaurants, after school, and on a lot of experience under the guidance of Chef Rob MacDonald at the renowned Henri Burger restaurant in Ottawa, and in San Francisco as the chef de cuisine with Chef Mike Fennelly at Mecca.

Today he has his own a restaurant, along with Chef Gary Danko. He has compiled a book titled A New Turn in the South: Southern Flavors reinvented for Your Kitchen, which won a James Beard award winner for Best Chef Southeast and was named a Best Chef by Food & Wine Magazine.

As a chef doesn't mean he is not going to travel to different hemispheres. In the course of the tour, his appetite capable of guiding the trip itself.

His experience says that many of his friends who is critical of places to eat, he asked them where to eat while doing research a destination to be visited.

Although sometimes he also read reviews of local places to eat out of the media and make a small list of places to eat.

What about the coffee shop? This is certainly an interesting place to start a visit, he did not hesitate to ask the locals where the coffee tastes good.

Department stores also need a reference point, drive around and see the various items for sale. Then buy the ingredients, which usually can not be found in its original place. Why, from this place we can find food that locals eat.

As a chef he was very interested in the spices that are often brought back from a trip, is not hard to not keep it in your suitcase or backpack?

There's always something special in every travel journey, together with a desire to bring home jamon ham and cheese that has not been pasteurized, but very unfortunately, is no longer allowed. What can make!

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