Habits that happened in a Hotel

As a tourist staying at a hotel on the spot or tourist areas would have been normal. Anyone ever experienced, at least once in a long journey.

When we would leave the hotel, there is a habit of unconsciously done. That is stealing toiletries, say there comes in the mind to carry the equipment.

A survey conducted by Hotels.com and published by the Daily Mail, involving hundreds of male and female respondents of Europe, especially England, who was spending their holidays.

Of course, these sites have a goal, figure out the things that are your favorite hotels can make improvements that will attract more guests to come.

Interesting to female respondents, 21 percent of them at check-in in the hotel room was entered the bathroom and observed that equipment was there as shampoo, soap, etc.. Why?

They are already thinking about when they go home already intend to take a shower equipment. But it turns out 10 percent of male respondents also do that thing, interesting isn't it?

Another thing that is surprising is the habit of skip-jump on the bed, carrying 13 percent of male respondents and 16 percent of female respondents. This is certainly in the category of bad habits because they are adults, not a child.

Furthermore, there are normal things, 47 percent of men and 54 percent of female respondents, which enjoys views of both the room and from the outside of the glass.

Furthermore, use of hotel facilities such as a gym and a swimming pool especially. Another thing to consider is the mini bar. More complete, they will be happy. There are at least 11 percent of women and eight percent of men who consider the completeness of the mini bar is very important.

It surprisingly, the survey also shows a favorite of 19 percent of male respondents and 15 percent of women are watching porn movie channels that provided by the hotel.

Of course, all can be considered in a future in attracting customers.

(Source dailymail, femaleKompas /Image designrumahku.com)


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