Festival Indonesia 2012 Melbourne

Festival Indonesia (FI) is a series of activities to promote Indonesian culture. conducted every year by The Festival Indonesia Inc. and the Indonesian Embassy in Melbourne, which began in 2005. Of course this event has added value to the tourism promotion activities, economic and meetings with local businessmen.

This year, the theme FI East Java Province with the title "East Java: The Dynamic Destination". Of course with some underlying reason, traditional arts, cultural attractions, traditional cuisine, and creative industries in East Java is highlighted in conjunction with the FI.

This event was deliberately chosen time in September with consideration of spring weather is warmer. True, the warm weather also makes thousands of Melbourne residents attend the Festival Indonesia Weekend, Saturday-Sunday, September 22-23, 2012 in the Queensbridge, Southbank.

Various art performances appear to entertain the people who come to the event, East Java as the main viewer FI 2012 serving Bedhoyo Majakirana, Barong, Geleng Ro'om and Gandrung Banyuwangi. Not to be outdone viewer of Aceh also contributed the awesome dance, Saman Gayo which is a famous authentic dance, performed by 15 dancers man with almost the same height and hair down.

As well as from other provinces, West Java, Jakarta, Bali Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

All looks festive and enthusiasts, as said by Cely Gultom, President of Festival Indonesia Inc.. citing article from oaseKompas site, "FI presents a series of events this year. Competition fashion design, fashion shows, culinary and food stalls, regional investment forum, travel and tourism networking, business networking, and the appearance of Indonesian culture in some schools."

Melbourne and surrounding residents really enjoy this show, they even get a chance to batik painting, making puppets, martial arts, Constructing a kite, face painting, and a variety of children's games.

The attractives festival that showcase the diversity of Indonesian culture, festive dish with a comprehensive, ranging from lifestyle, business potential, until the entertainment for the family.

(Source L Sastra Wijaya - Kompas, Fransisca AM Pandi - Melbourne /Images Fransisca AM Pandi, Festival Indonesia Pages)


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