Naked Man at the Leopold Museum Gets Criticism

Interesting exhibition with the theme titled "Naked Man" in a famous museum in the city of Vienna, Austria exactly took place in the Leopold Museum, which began Friday, October 19, 2012.

If you happen to be in town, prepare yourself and do not be surprised, many posters with images of various sizes and shapes. The theme chosen this exhibition is quite interesting, as it presents the works of artists of the previous century.

They are not a painting, but the posters were presented ranging from the 1800s to the present, the work of the artist in expressing their imagination about the naked men in the span of several centuries.

As with anything that is considered as controversial, the exhibition did get public sympathy. But apparently saw a different view from the other side, the organizer of the exhibition has come under fire because it is considered too offensive.

As quoted the article from the, Klaus Pokorny, a spokesperson for the museum, said the criticism from the public about this exhibition, "We did not realize that many, many people would be really upset or really angry in a way that we are also afraid about security, about protection of the visitors of the museum."

The poster with the title "Mr. Big" serving image size four meters above the frontal and plywood, featuring a young man, of course, in the nude, placed right at the entrance of the museum. Believe me, when you're there, it would be the time to see it, even though only a few seconds.

Even more posters presented there, about 300 works of art on naked men, including works by French artists, Pierre & Gilles, titled "Vive La France", which shows three young men, athletes of different races wearing blue socks, white, and red and wearing football boots. Obviously bare naked.

Citing news from AP as written in the media, Veronika Kren, an Austrian woman, while on her bike, saying, "I'm glad to see this as an opportunity to see a naked man."

Sure, maybe we may often see naked women. I said, maybe. It's certainly different, even look men give respond about this exhibition.

(Source PP Gero - Kompas, AP, /Images Wetty Sjahran, Leopold Museum)


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