Is tourists favored the British Culinary?

When you explore a tourist area, of course, inseparable from the desire to try out some of the culinary specialties of a tourist destination. The desire that arises in such a way as to give it a try.

What kind of culinary in such country and consists of any kind substance? Well, a recent survey conducted by sites get quite interesting facts.

According to the survey that tourists from America and Australia, not like the typical foods of the British. What's wrong with this culinary from the islands country in Europe is?

They say about the tourists from the United States, Australia, and Norway, chose Britain as the country with the worst food specialties. Certainly needs to be examined further.

But it is the results of this survey indicate that the British tourist instead chose the United States as a destination with the best places to eat and curb food price with best taste.

Some of the menu the food they like such as "Fish and Chips", a swathe of flour fried fish and fries, a culinary recommended by most British people to be eaten by travelers who travel in the United States.

Even the English people to give advice on certain foods, such as grilled meats and traditional English full breakfast.

Quite interesting when you see the reality when the British people who apparently likes to travel also liked the Italian and Thai food as well as the view that the French country is the destination that can deliver fine dining food style.

Interesting isn’t it? Almost all, 74 percent, was when they were far away from their country, there was a sense of longing for their own food, typical British food and drink.

The ritual of drinking tea is a craze of British society, has always been a dream while in another country. Imagine the pleasure of drinking tea in the afternoon or enjoy grilled food, "Fish and Chips", and flavorful culinary chocolate, of course.

Although faraway but longing in the heart can not be hidden.

(Source Huffington Post, NL Made Pertiwi-travelKompas, /Images wikipedia)


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