Cologne Cathedral, the largest church building in the world

An interesting attractions to visit, seeing the detail of art architectural. The surface has an area of up to 7,000 m2, with two solid towers as high as 156 on both sides. In fact, until the end of the 19th century, Cologne Cathedral is the largest building in the world.

A friend who visited the city of Cologne, described his experiences there, you need to walk about 1 km through the Cologne train station. This is because, both public buses and private vehicles, had to stop in front of the station yard.

Cathedral Church of St Peter and Maria in Cologne's Gothic style built in 1248 and completed in 1880, was once the tallest building in Europe with a high tower reaches 1.574 meters.

Its really tall and magnificent buildings, with the ends of the looming tower, looks blackish-brown. Andesite are a major component of the building it looked blackened, caused by the dust. Usually once cleared, will return to its original color. Visitors are free perpetuate their experiences outside and inside the cathedral, both with cameras and videos.

Relics contained in the Cologne Cathedral, too, is the largest of the remaining relics of the Middle Ages. Beside Magi addition, there is also the Gero Cross of Empire Otto, who placed in the top of the altar. Together with The Gero Cross, there are also crosses of the other kingdoms, from medieval churches.

There are two large altar, the first called Klarenaltar. The altar has been built since the 14th century. There are 36 paintings and 25 sculptures inside. The second altar was donated from the city authorities, also the city residents to get involved and contribute to its development.

A walk in the city of Cologne it feels incomplete if tourists do not see the atmosphere around the downtown, the station and a vibrant city dynamics, the shops on either side of the road. Seller drinks and snacks, restaurant, cafe and bar to branded clothing boutique, you can find there.

Crowds of people walking back and forth, just after using the train as well as those who are sight-seeing and going towards the cathedral. Out of the station courtyard stairs about 1.5 meters tall was greeted with a vast courtyard in front of the eyes.

City pulsing with crowd as seen on the big cities on the European continent.

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