Super spicy noodles in the cold city of Bandung

True, this is a typical menu in the city of Bandung, firecrackers noodles. About 4 hours drive from Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. Location where the food vendors that can make you melt, feeling very hot, in the south of the city - Taman Holis Indah.

Not too difficult indeed to find a sellers, but the road to get there is very disturbing, the streets are so jammed. While it is possible that you will be satisfied with the exceptional spicy flavor, the cold city would require a spicy meal.

Firecrackers noodles is different from what is known in general, though maybe some of the culinary fans have already felt the noodles type with the same taste, the yamin noodles.

This type of yamin noodles presented in complete with extra sauce in a separate container, but in terms of presenting a unique look. Yamin noodles served on a bamboo baskets.

Unusually super spicy sensation, when the tongue started to feel the liquid first. The noodles entering the oral cavity with chunks of chicken meat into small pieces (shredded chicken) and get ready to party feeling spicy flavor explosion, absolutely incredible!

Just noodle enthusiasts who want to pursue this kind of noodle, incredible, spicy flavors are offered in three different levels. level 1, 5 and 10. Each level shows the level of spiciness of each. Level 1, for example, the usual spicy level, while level 5 medium levels, and level 10 is the super spicy level.

Culinary hunting is about curiosity does have its own, especially when there is something unique as an offer. Sure!

(Source tribunjabar, travelKompas /Image Mira Yamira)


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