Looking for the Hotel Chains on Your Smartphone

You travel a lot? Anywhere and it is required in your job, perhaps in a mutually sustainable tourism destination to countries in the region, for example you are planning a trip to mainland Europe or perhaps to the American continent.

A French hotel chain that has 4400 hotels with 530,000 rooms in 92 countries, Accor Hotels can be regarded as the company's hospitality services ready to enter the world of technology and provide the most comprehensive information on thousands of hotels in its network.

They are, to quote an article travelKompas type, has a number of brand hotels ranging from economy class (Formule 1, Ibis), middle class (Novotel, Mercure, Adagio), upscale (Pullman, M Gallery) to luxury (Sofitel).

Technology into their response to the customer, if you are using a smartphone, particularly the iPhone and iPad, it will be opened up a world of information in the network Accor hotel bookings. The easier course.

It can be downloaded through Accor's application available on the App Store menu, there is a slight difference, Accor's application on the iPhone there is all the info Accor hotels around the world, but the iPad just Accor Asia Pacific.

No need to have any worries while in Europe, you can make a decision, which hotel to be selected and ordered, with this application you can see the possibility to book the hotel room.

Even if there is an ongoing promotion, just use the "Search" to search for a desired than 4,400 hotels in the Accor network in 92 countries.

You are satisfied with the completeness of the picture gallery atmosphere in and outside thousands of hotels, including full address, telephone number, email and streaming video and reservation code. Furthermore the number of rooms, restaurants, bars and other special needs for the sake of your business, of course!

(Source Accor, RA Kusumaputra-travelKompas /Images Accor Hotels, iPad)


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