The variety flavors of Foresta Cupcake

It seems never finished when talking about this cool city, Bandung. In addition to the uniqueness of the city with the pleasant weather, the variety of its culinary, even when even though talking about the cake. You will be fascinated.

Well, a variety of cakes on offer in this city. We go to a pastry shop, Foresta Boulangerie and Pâtisserie in the north region of the city, precisely in the area around Jalan Setiabudi, Bandung, West Java. A house is an ancient building that transformed as a beautiful modern bakery and cozy shops.

Various kinds of cakes offered, such as tiramisu, rainbow cheese cake, a yellow savory nivara cake, shaped like a white out with a smear of chocolate, a French pastry origin. Also do not quickly decide to buy just one type, there are many others.

How about trying a cupcake? It is also special, this time the cake is becoming so popular. Start of dough flavored or given other materials such as raisins, berries, nuts, or choco chips until icing that is truly unique.

Delicatessen creative in concocting flavors, as well as in designing the look of a variety of cookies, beautiful and unique.

They also offer a cupcake with Halloween-themed decorations. Shape the character of vampire, jack-o-lanterns, and pretty grim reaper hanging over the cup lemon cake.

It was so unique, a lemon scent, another aroma such as cake baked with orange juice taste sensation spread throughout. You really want to try it!

Another cake worth trying as rainbow cheese cake, colorful cake that carries the beauty of the rainbow is not the type of sponge cake that is usually found in some bakery.

Ah, the city that always invite curiosity. Always wanted to go back there!

(Source TribunJabar, travelKompas, inilah, T Sumartono /Images rereisauniquechica)


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