The Slimmest Building in the World opened in Warsaw

Often someone with their house, and then came to the conclusion to make it more widely. Reasonable desire, spacious room always brings a psychological impression on the heart.

This would be the opposite, Edgar Keret, an Israeli writer occupants of a building results from a work of artistic installations designed Polish architect Jakub Szczesny, as a residence for the author.

In addition to another spectacular buildings that can be encountered in continental Europe.

"The building is quite complete, with a number of objects, such as small kitchen, small bathroom, small bed, and the workplace is also small. Everything can be achieved through the ladder," said Szczesny, the architect.

While Edgar Keret himself in an interview with television news channel TVN24, citing news from the media taken from AFP and Reuters, said that he would stay in the building if he went to Warsaw, which he visited every year twice.

He explained that the project was a kind of warning to parents whose families were killed in World War II.

The most slimmest building in the world, in the city of Warsaw, Poland, the building is only 92 centimeters wide at its lowest point and the width of the building is not more than 152 centimeters, has opened in Warsaw last week.

Do you have time for this city, traveled? May be considered to provide time for the building. The building tucked in the narrow space between the two flats in Warsaw. Which one of that buildings is the former Warsaw Ghetto.

Certainly interesting.

(Source Kompas, AFP, Reuters /Image Wikimedia)


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