Benoa Harbor would frequently visited by Cruise Ship

Bali is always interesting with all attributes that go with it. Tourists are attracted by the natural beauty and cultural arts community. Even in the coming year, 2013, more of cruise ships visit.

Benoa Harbour is one of the port that is most frequently visit, estimated in 2013 registered 30 cruise ships passenger with an estimated 42,000 foreign tourists. such as presented by Iwan Sabatini, GM PT Indonesia III Branch Benoa Harbour, citing from Antara news agency.

An interesting visit from the ship, any cruise ship passengers spend an average of US $100 per person, and 60 dollars by the crew.

In addition the Benoa Harbour is able to serve passenger ships, and also focus on the preparation of a "turn around port" so some means and facilities continue to be improved in order to provide comfort embarkation and disembarkation of cruise ship passengers.

Benoa Harbour would prepare for the arrival of tourists coming from different countries, located in Benoa, is 6 miles from downtown Denpasar. The area forms a long peninsula, we can see the Serangan Island while boating in the ocean. The sea border is deep and narrow, the limitation to reach the fishing village.

Do not worry, the cruise ship tourists can visit this area, even reaching the Benoa region area and even reach the Nusa Lembongan Island and other smaller islands.

Benoa region is also known as a tourist area for fishing enthusiasts, certainly an interesting activity for tourists. Travelling while fishing in the afternoon. It's always interesting!

(Source Antara, travelKompas, e-kuta /Image Marlis Koto)


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