Delicious Traditional “Wadai Cake” of Banjar

This cake is made from such materials. eg. rice flour, palm sugar, granulated sugar, grated coconut, coconut milk, and eggs. Wadai cake usually served in a small dishes with kurma and a cup of hot tea.

Easily found in the street and held in the Wadai Market, Banjarmasin, sold a piece ranging from a small piece of 'ipau', Rp 5,000, a piece of 'putri selat' Rp 13,000, up to a 'buah bingka' size almost as big plates price reached Rp 30,000.

This cake is made wih a tool called a "ceper", a type of mold is made of aluminum, brass round shape with a diameter of 35-40 centimeters with a high wall round about 8 inches.

Although there are other shapes, rectangles to print the cake of lapis pandan india, india ply brown palm sugar, and hula-hula cake.

The cake is cooked by steaming for three hours in the oven. The materials used to make one another cake is almost similar. Its main ingredients are rice flour and sugar. They are faithful to all the materials that make up the flavor of this cake in the past, without the slightest change.

If one day you are around Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, it is not difficult to see this traditional cake in this region. Especially at certain seasons in the fasting month of Ramadan, while at other times also easily found in local markets.

Try, palm sugar flavor quickly meet your oral cavity, the tongue will be shaken with a sweet taste. This cake is using a combination of local rice, milled siam unus rice. Gently shake your tongue, delicious typical local cakes.

It was different and yummy!

(Source D Werdiono - KompasCetak, Syarifuddin Umar - Banjarmasin /Image Hasan Zainuddin)


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