Mount Batur, Geopark in Bali Indonesia

Imagining a geopark naturally think of something big, but what is geopark? Geopark in Kintamani Mount Batur Caldera, Bangli Bali recently designated as a geopark by UNESCO, “The 11th Conference of European Geopark” in Auroca Geopark, Portugal on 20 September 2012.

As defined by Wikipedia accordance to UNESCO, a territory encompassing one or more sites of scientific importance, not only for geological reasons but also by virtue of its archaeological, ecological or cultural value.

Certainly not obtained as such, four years sought by the Indonesian government, one in Portugal declined and yesterday we made it. Of the 11 proposed geopark successful in only 4. Thus quoted from news travelKompas sites, such as those delivered by Achyaruddin, from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in Jakarta, early October 2012.

"It's not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Japan only seven years old and did not qualify. They scream hysterically crying because they do not get in," he said.

Two from Europe and two from Asia, from Spain, Hungary, and China. It's business that requires hard work to convince UNESCO, a four-year struggle to initiate Batur Caldera as Global Geopark.

Batur region does have an unique distinctive customs, in addition to the strength of the virgin into the region. In this area can be found Lake Batur, the second most unique caldera of Lake Toba.

Batur peoples welcomes the establishment of the region as a geopark, in addition to improving the economy around Batur Caldera, they can be better educated about environmental conservation and utilization of Lake Batur.

Come and see for yourself, which is located in the region around the active volcano in Bali in northeastern Bali, between two volcanic caldera is a large crater formed about 22 thousand years ago.

This volcano, part of the Pacific ring of fire and formed part of a long line of similar active volcanoes in Indonesia. Rich volcanic soil formation with elements of macro and micro are formed due to volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.

Travelling while enjoying the unique culture of Batur, local culture associated with Balinese Hindu culture recorded in the long history of cultural encounters among peoples way. Exotic!

(Source NL Made Pertiwi-travelKompas, Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism /Images Sonny Wisaksono)


  1. Wow..This is really a lovely and beautiful travel destination..

    1. Batur region is interesting, there are a few different things...
      Thank's for coming!


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