Yoga inside the Airplane Flight

Yoga has been known previously as a relaxation technique through specific movements. On the other hand, this event is a meeting of the mind, body, and soul.

The more know how our bodies work, how we are as human beings, why the body needs a break, and more. Well, how about a trip in an aircraft yoga activities offered to you?

It becomes interesting when in the coming year, 2013, some airlines began to equip themselves with providing passenger amenities yoga sessions in the entertainment channels on the plane. Even Qatar Airways had previously done.

Other airlines, Thai Airways, Hong Kong Airlines and Caribbean Airlines plans to provide yoga sessions in the entertainment channels on the plane.

In accordance with the previous description of yoga, yoga sessions can provide a chance for passengers to relax and reduce the impact of the plane, such as the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Explained by Jamie Newland of Yocalm Media, a company that provides in-flight entertainment channel, according to Dailymail quoted by travelKompas.

When the tourists look at a long distance on a plane, they would think, why not? Yoga became a needed service, especially for long-haul flights. Movement of all parts of the body with yoga concepts that tend to be calm, controlled, and always focus on your breathing.

The question now is the room on the plane tends to narrow? Airline policy can certainly find a way, yoga can attract attention. Small room is not a problem, according to Jamie Newland.

Yoga session, he added, will attract the attention of the person sitting next to and in the end can lure people to participate in doing yoga.

This appears to be more widespread, some other airlines interested, Air Transat, British Airways, Etihad and Air New Zealand. How about you, are interested in trying?

(Source Dailymail, NL Made Pertiwi-travelKompas /Image wanitadalamyoga)


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