Why do we have Jet Lag?

True, this is common among tourists who travel deep into a tourist destination that has a difference of more than half of the hemisphere, causing jet lag experience while traveling across the global deadline.

Of the initial allegations were related to the terms of the human body clock is generally organic, according to the further description of the human body cells have a 24 hour cycle to be able to regulate their own activity to a lesser extent, the body's cells.

Scientists previously stated, the body clock is basically the activity of certain genes contained in the human body.

The study went on to say that there is no gene in the cells, whereas in red blood cells found an enzyme that changes in two forms in a cycle of 24 hours on a regular basis, related to genetic mechanisms in other cells as noted by Akhilesh Reddy of the University of Cambridge in the scientific journal “Nature”. Furthermore how do we cope?

Arrange the body's internal clock. With the preparation of a few days before the flight at least 4 days in advance. Then train yourself to change the timing of sleep and meal times based on the popular tourist destination.

Night flights allow the body to undergo a dinner with a normal and easier to sleep. Flight distance will determine this and how many time zones are undertaken.

Give your body enough fluids. Drink at least two liters of water every hour even if not thirsty. Air travel causes dehydration of air due to altitude changes. Also remove contact lenses if you use it before flying.

Reduce coffee intake and avoid alcohol 12 hours before the flight.Caffeine can make the body awake longer, alcohol can make you thirsty quickly because the air in the cabin altitude causes dehydration and changes in air speed up the effects of alcohol on the body.

Try to sleep on the plane. You might be able to use sleeping pills with the proper dose. Avoid sleeping too early, when it arrives at its destination at night and pretty close to normal bedtime.

Holaaa..., upon arriving, immediately went for a walk, spend time in the sun, can help the body adjust to the new environment.

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