Wow... White sands of Marosi beach!

Imagine yourself being in a white sand beach that has accompanied the silence of nature around, wow! Marosi beach is located in District Lamboya, West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Road trip for one hour south to get to the beach and Waikabubak in the area of ​​south of Sumba.

Surfing enthusiasts will be spoiled when positioned in this region, there are more than 15 beaches in West Sumba with the characteristics of the beaches that provide great waves for surfing enthusiasts who generally are prepared to enjoy the best months for surfing on the May to September.

You may only know the coastal of Tarimbang and Nihi Watu Beach, but when in western Sumba area that is rich with beautiful beaches that are clean and quiet from the crowd. It's really a paradise for surfers!

Sand and sand and white sands everywhere! That is the view seen through the eyes of white plus blue ocean with the waves that come say hello.. The words can not describe the beauty of the beach would be complete about Marosi beach, so beautiful deserted beaches, the offers of peace for tourists who want a taste of the exotic nature of West Sumba.

"Feel the difference the other beaches in the region, most Marosi beach sand white and clean," said a local resident sellers of handicrafts.

Foot step on the sand, the sound waves and welcome glimpse of the beach looked tempting. Feel the warmth of white sand and be prepared stunned, clean and charming. Enticing!

The natural beauty surrounding the grains of sand, butit warmth that wraps your entire foot, the rough texture of the sand, then it is very easy to rid yourself of the sand. When you want to sunbathe then your body will be exposed to sand, do not worry, just throw away the sands from the body, then the sand easily shed.

It was a day of pampering delights, wonderful sensation in the heart, fun when your feet begin to get into the sand. Beauty of a pink tinge to the white sand and blue sea of ​​white. It seemed to forget to go home!

(Various sources Ahmad Sofyan, travelKompas /Images Neydie, Sumbatours)


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