Borobudur Temple is waiting in the middle of the year

Right! This is the best time if you want to enjoy this spectacular temples, namely in June, July, or August, this is due in these months tend to be sunny weather conditions. Although, Borobudur is always fascinating anytime you have time to visit it.

When the weather is sunny, not just the sun that appear to emerge behind the temples and statues of Buddha, but also the silhouette of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu.

Other wonderful things while in the temple area is currently pursuing sunrise at Borobudur, glazed eyes, yawning occasionally. As if the body was forced to wake up early in the morning. The hunters sleepy while the sun is still asleep, although appears to be still asleep, they are still excited.

The desire to pursue the sun behind the temple of Borobudur, like the Buddhist monks in ancient times, as if he were meditating and chanting prayers accompanied by a tinge of dawn.

Borobudur Temple as the largest Buddhist temple in the world like a lamp, while the tourists are the moths. The number of tourists who visit the temple is on the increase, which is very old temple.

Tourists who visit often forget that they walk on is building hundreds of years which is the heritage of the ancestors. And don’t forget, that the temple is a holy place for Buddhists.

Some guidelines for the preservation and appreciation of Borobudur issued by the management of the Borobudur Temple, as follows:

The tour guide. Assistance officer or with a tour guide. Incomplete if you visit this temple only for the photos alone. Knowledge and the history behind the temple is delivered by a very very interesting tour followed as additional knowledge and insight.

Visits in the group. Parties to arrange a visit Borobudur Temple is a group consisting of at least 30 people. Each group will be accompanied by the officer who will direct the traffic lane during the Borobudur temple.

Traffic lane. There are lines that are tailored to visiting hours. There are two paths which visit the yellow line and green line. This is to regulate the movement of tourists so it does not accumulate in one place.

Clothes. We recommend using a comfortable cotton. If you come in the morning, it helps to bring a jacket because the air is quite cold. Avoid using high-heeled shoes or sandals, and leather shoes. Use sandals or shoes that are comfortable for walking.

Every adult visitors must use a batik sarong that was provided and do not forget to bring it back to the officer, of course!

Do not sit on the Stupa. There are many stupas and statues at Borobudur. Do not climb the stupa, reliefs, and statues there in temple environment. Do not also sit on it.

Aside from being a form of tribute to the Borobudur Temple, it is also part of preservation. Do not forget, these stones are very old age and gradually began to erode.

Other prohibition. Do not littering, smoking in the area of Borobudur, and scribble on temples. Also, do not bring food, weapons, musical instruments, and animals.

(Sources Rahmat Rafli, Borobudur Tourism, travelKompas /Images Wahid Ar Photography)


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