Menganti Beach, a small paradise still awaits…

It's a myth that is believed to be resident in this area, a limestone hill of Menganti Beach, a hidden beach on the south coast Kebumen, Central Java.

A warlord kingdom of Majapahit flee to the south coast of Jawadwipa for its association with her idol of the heart is not condoned by the King. They arranged to meet on the banks of the beautiful white sandy ocean. Throughout the day, the chief was kept waiting for an idol that was never arrived at the top of a limestone hill, looking at the sea. He kept waiting and waiting.

This myth has been heard since they live their childhood, perhaps because the commander had been waiting on this beach, then called the Beach of Menganti (waiting).

No doubt the natural beauty of the south coast presented without a touch of modern civilization, although in some places had become the arena of national surfing competitions in 2011. "Heaven is hidden behind the mountain limestone". You have to field a fairly steep hill climbs through derivatives and lime, traveling about 110 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta to see the beauty of Menganti Beach.

Kebumen directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean in the south has become one of the tourist paradise of beaches, such besides Logending Coast, Karangbolong, Petanahan, and Suwuk. However, unlike the other beaches of black sand, beach Menganti still have the alluring white sand.

The route is very challenging, which is located in the coastal village of Karangduwur, District Ayah, can be reached from the two pathways. You can go through a route- Petanahan-Kebumen-Puring-Suwuk-Menganti, with a distance of about 38 kilometers. However, the terrain is quite steep and passes through a steep hill. Even though there are more people-friendly route through the Logending Coast through to the south about 45 kilometers to travel about 1.5 hours long with more beautiful scenery.

The beach is restricted limestone hills and volcanic 'klastika' rocks. The white sand abrasion limestone and the beauty of coconut trees on the beach create the feel and charm of the beautiful.

Everyday experience of pulling together with the local fishermen, as they spend the day sitting in a boat around the beach after a night at sea. While buying fresh fish directly at the fish auction at an enough cheap price!

The scenery is exotic, take to the hills on the east coast there is a Dutch colonial lighthouse established in 1912-1915 as high as 20 meters that can be climbed to a peak. look at the entire coastal region, the contours of the cliff extends, until the blue ocean. Plants and coral reefs, waterfalls, and caves on the shoreline frequented by pilgrims on certain days.

Tourists who visit seemed to always want to wait for something, according to the name of this beach, as the story of legendary warlord Majapahit classic that continues to await the idol of the heart. It was a small paradise awaits anyone's presence, exotic beaches in the south.

(Sources of GM Finesso, Kompas /Images Idham Khurie)


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