Nyepi in Bali

Hindu religious tradition that has a very long history since the 78 or 79 M, was originally performed in the Saka New Year which coincides with the tenth day of the month (Eka Sukla Paksa Vesak), a day after Tilem Kasanga (Panca Dasi Krsna Paksa Caitra), a marker of the the coronation of King Kaniskha of Kushana Dynasty, Yuehchi tribes.

Wish you was in Bali a few days and was lucky to watch these religious traditions, Nyepi... From 06.00 am until the next morning, March 23, 2012 no longer see people's activities on the island, the atmosphere was so quiet. There was no crowd, in business centers, offices, markets, schools, or other places. There's no sounds from the road, silence, the island of Bali which is usually busy before sunrise, as the city unoccupied, the look is only well-built men passing by, the Pecalang - the local village customs security officer.

It was excellent to see this silence, quiet streets... The behavior of Hindus and non-Hindus are not traveling in silence, except for those who served in the hospital or the security forces. They also did not turn on the lights are glaring.

After performing the Melasti ceremony (purification) who fervently few days earlier, as a series of ceremonies, prayers on the beach to purify themselves before withdrawing celebrating silence... a silence... Living away from it all...

Similarly, the parade of Ogoh-ogoh attractions that reflect the villain, and the passions that drove all over the withdrawal from the crowd away from the worldly attitudes.

Locked themselves inside their homes for as long as 24 hours in order to undergo a four restrictions include Amati Karya (does not work and do not run other activities), Amati Geni (not fire or beacon), Amati Lelungan (not traveling) and Amati Lelanguan (no indulgence in lust or pleasure). Sublime meaning behind it is the welfare and happiness of both inner and outer (jagadhita and moksa), build a life based on truth (satyan), purity (siwam), as well as harmony and beauty (sundaram).

Quiet, quiet... as uninhabited island, while the people running the "Tapa Brata Penyepian", without any life events such as the days are usually adorn every corner of the city up to the outposts of the village in Bali, such as rural sub Marga, Tabanan regency, the urban periphery Gianyar Regency Village of Rendang, Karangasem, the eastern tip of the island of Bali.

There was only the natural sounds of birds chirping....., katydid (small grasshopper) and the sounds of different animals and trees buffeted breeze...
That afternoon in Kuta Beach is usually crowded this time only the occasional sound waves interfere with silence... When the canoes pulled up... There is only harmony with nature...

(Various sources /Images Rika Riyanti, Paulus Nugroho)


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