If your passport is lost on the way

It must be annoying when losing a passport on a trip abroad, the heart is so happy in a tourist location, all of a sudden you realize your passport is lost... It could be due to stolen or lost and not know some where? Annoyed, angry, upset, confused...

Do not get panic, stolen or lost passports is accustomed for beginners and experienced travelers .

Passports are only a small document in the form of books, but if it is lost, think hard thoughts. So that from a long time have taken the precaution of storing a copy of the passport.

For most people, even in spite of frequent travelers, they underestimate the copy of the passport, but this is very important.

If so how?

The first step, before the trip. Make a copy of the front page of your passport, especially those that contain your identity and your departure to the country.

- Make a copy of a photocopy of your passport. - Scan your passport so that a digital file. - Save on USB and your email.

The second step, on the way. Take note of where the address of the embassy immediately, contact phone number or your state representative's office (consulate).

In case of loss, as follows:

- Immediately report to the nearest embassy of your country. - If still in doubt, contact your hotel to ask for help, where the location of the embassy or representative office of your country.

- A copy of the passport can help you when meeting with the embassy, because it can shorten the time of replacement or get a temporary passport. - A copy is required to guarantee your identity at the nearest embassy.

- The embassy can easily check your identity and provide a solution for your lost passport.

- Always make two copies of passport, another highly recommended to be deposited in the family or your friends.

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