Three Days Travel in Jayapura

It arises a desire to travel to Jayapura, do not be surprised if you find a modern and a busy city, with malls, salons and even the famous coffee shop that is often found in Jakarta.

So what we need to prepare? If you love the beach, certainly not wrong to try the beaches in Jayapura. For instance Hamadi Beach, Base G., Amay, Tablanusu and Koya. Doing outdoor traveling to the Jayawijaya Mountains, or if you lucky seeing the unique animal of Papuans Tree Kangaroo, perhaps.

Looking directly the relics during the World War II, the potential uniqueness of nature and of the local culinary community. It is advisable to prepare everything, even if it takes more than three days there.

Adventure to the surrounding areas, such as the Sentani known by the Lake Sentani Festival (around June every year), or Tablanusu Beach and surrounding areas, as well as the border between Papua and Papua New Guinea. Well, if you have prepared the tour carefully, with a budget estimated at Rp 6.500.000, - as follows:

1. Plane cost vv from Jakarta – Jayapura. Budget airlines /low cost carriers and at the off season, Rp 3 million (vv). And can be even cheaper around Rp 1 million - one trip.

2. Transportation. Rent a car (driver and petrol) to Rp 500 thousand per day. Three days means budgeted at Rp 1.5 million. Can also ask the hotel to help get transportation.
Or using public transportation vehicles that are in Bus Terminal Jayapura, where several public transport linking the city of Jayapura to Entrop and Abepura, even to the Sentani.

3. Lodge. We recommend that you select the hotel in the downtown city center, available from jasmine class, guesthouse, star hotels from three star to five star hotels (Aston, Swissbell, and Horison).

For a three star hotel (eg Hotel Matoa and Hotel Yasmin) Rp 500 thousand per night (including breakfast), three-star hotel down less about Rp 200 thousand per night.

Look for the secure and clean hotel, especially if you choose a jasmine-class hotel.

4. Food. The price of food in this town depends on the average menu you want Rp 10 thousand - Rp 50 thousand.
You can also looking for local culinary specialties, traditional cakes and fresh fish at the Jayapura market.

5. Attraction. Set aside the cost to get to a desired tourist attractions, such as the beach, adventure boat ride around the Lake Sentani or enjoy the exotic beach while rowing a boat in the vicinity of other small islands, such as the beauty Rani Island in Supiori.

(Source Ebybie - Papua, NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Images Soleno - Papua, Ebybie, FosOnline Project/Papua Cloud)


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