Pizza at the U.S. Presidential Candidates Debate

Despite criticism from various circles, linked their idea for a contest that challenges Americans to ask "sausage or pepperoni" on The U.S. Presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, held Tuesday, September 16, 2012, they're still move on.

Pizza Hut does have its own fans are pretty fanatical, with different types of typical pizza menu along with side dishes including salads, pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks, and garlic bread. Their motto the famous "all-you-can-eat" a force in getting new fans.

Apparently they saw an opportunity in the implementation of presidential debates, with the prize a pan pizza every week for 30 years or a check for 15,600 dollars - for anyone who is asking President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney about their favorite toppings in presidential debates.

Hahaa... Any ideas always raises the pros and cons, various blogs and media criticize because they make a profit in the election arena. Of course they think hard and quickly make modifications to online contest, in which participants were randomly chosen to get a pizza for life. Interesting is not it?

Citing news a travel site in Jakarta, according to AP and AFP news agency, Doug Terfehr, Pizza Hut spokesman said the competition online is a "natural progression of the campaign" after the people welcomed the idea and "hoping to participate".

Are the American people going to participate in the online version of the race? Most of the feedback received by the company's positive tone, Pizza Hut still would reward those who ask it in the debate.

Always lots of ideas related to a big event, especially the United States Presidential Candidates debate. Anyone who would like to be involved, even through a contest though.

(Source travelKompas, AP, AFP /Images PizzaHut, VOAIndonesia)


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