Direct flights India-Indonesia

There are an increasing number of tourists from India to Indonesia, over the past six years have shown a significant increase. What happens if there's a direct flight from India?

Ministry of Tourism would think hard to seek the establishment of direct flights from the continent. State Director of Tourism Promotion, Nia Niscaya in the ASEAN-India Seminar in Jakarta, Wednesday, October 24, 2012, citing news from a tourist site, says "Especially if facilitated by direct flights, then I think the increase is going to soar."

As noted in the Central Bureau of Statistics, tourist arrivals from India from January to August 2012 increased 7.63 percent to 115.219 tourists from travelers data visits on the same period in 2011.

The hard work of the Ministry of tourism creates an access is an important factor to be considered for the tourists to visit some place, both at home and abroad. Certainly not easy, tourists generally want a direct way, it becomes troublesome when they undergo a transit flight.

India is an exotic country, tourists love this country. Introduction of culture among nations can certainly strengthen the relationship, it is special for Indian tourists, when they visit Indonesia. Many traces of past history shows the influence of Indian culture in the development of culture in Indonesia.

Gurjit Singh, Ambassador of India to Indonesia, ASEAN and Timor Leste expressed support for a direct flight from India-Indonesia can contribute significant for both countries, cooperation between airlines, such as Garuda Indonesia.

Indonesia's tourism image beautiful and unique cultural trail is a powerful selling point attract the attention of tourists, of course, the case for a large country like India.

(Source Antara, travelKompas /Image wikipedia)


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