Mayan Time Cycle will mean a Big Change

The increased of travel packages offers welcome 'doomsday' myths related to Mayan calendar version, apparently made of indigenous Mayans wanted to clarify as to what is actually the last day of such understanding.

Indeed, tourism agencies offer special packages doomsday themed, but travelers would need to know exactly what's behind that understanding.

Felipe Gomez, The Mayan Leaders Alliance "Oxlaljuj Ajpop" in Guatemala explained that travelers might misunderstand about the Mayan cycle time which is believed by the Mayans,

"Cycle of the Mayan time will mean a big change to the 'self' individuals, families and communities, will manifest a balance and harmony between man and nature," Gomez said, as quoted by AFP news agency.

Community Oxlajuj Ajpop, which is half of the 15 million population of Guatemala is the Mayan descent, is planning to organize the event, which for them is considered sacred in five cities to mark the "end of time", of course Gomez expects the country's government, especially the Ministry of Culture Guatemala in support of the event celebration of this time cycle.

Ancient Mayan calendar consists of 18 months and each month consists of 20 days. In the ancient calendar, there is a sacred month "Wayeb" which consists of only five days, also known as "Baktun" the largest unit in one cycle time, which is about 400 years.

Cycle greatest time consists of 13 Baktun, or about 5,200 years old.

Although perhaps not as glamorous as it is delivered by the various films and documentaries that raise material issues related to the ancient Mayan calendar prediction of Judgment Day is "believed" occurred on December 21, 2012.

Travelers would want a festive event, a trip away from different parts of the world, despite the possibility of understanding the ancient culture that needs to be straightened out. They will enjoy it.

(Source AFP, Antara, travelKompas /Image Mayan Calender 2012 Pages)


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