Obama Town Welcomes Barack Obama's Victory

The town in Japan worth a tourist destination if you want to feel the thrill and adventure there. A small town in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, was named Obama - has a population of approximately 32,185 people (2005), faces Wakasa Bay due north of Kyoto, is a four-hour train ride fast Shinkansen from Tokyo.

It's a small town, of course, we can only see mostly fishermen. Known as a popular tourist town with major attractions such as Obama Castle, include the Myotsu-ji Temple and the surrounding Karesansui Garden.

Some temples related to the Yamato Dynasty and the city is also called "Nara by the sea". This region was influenced by Chinese culture for a long period, many buildings and houses in the Sancho-machi area of ​​the city whose design was influenced by trade with the Chinese mainland.

Re-election of Barack Obama to be President of the United States, Wednesday, November 7, 2012, the Obama townsfolk cheered, and apparently has a direct impact for the people in this town.

It may even was so excited, Obama Mayor Koji Matsuzaki, said immediately sent a letter to President Obama to express their joy over the Obama's victory from the people of the city of Obama.

"In that letter, the Mayor once invited President Obama to come to Obama if he were to visit Japan," said an city official, as reported by AFP.

Do not be surprised if the previous victory when Barack Obama was elected the first time, four years ago, 'Obama fever' swept this small town, Obama - which means "little beach". They took it out with hula dancing along the streets to greet Obama's victory.

Unlike today, they celebrate by cooking sweets peppermint made from green beans are believed to be Obama's favorite food grandmother in Kenya.

Obama always bring charm to anyone, as he had done during a visit to Japan when it was still a senator, and at passport control, immigration officials checked his passport says that he came from the town of Obama. Of course, immigration officials half do not believe it, but ended up in a smile.

President Obama even specifically, November 14, 2009, called 'relationship' with the city of Obama, while calling the city and its inhabitants in a speech at Suntory Hall, Tokyo.

If you had a chance to visit this city, small town Obama, with the same name and of course do not forget the Japanese culinary waiting there.

(Source AFP, travelKompas /Images Wikipedia)


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