Neuzelle, the monks brewer town

A town of about 4,500 residents, and entered the state of Brandenburg, Germany, about 100 kilometers from Berlin. Take the train from Berlin took two hours, inclusive of walking about three miles from the station, we had reached the city center of Neuzelle.

A journalist - Wisnu Nugroho, writing experiences while visiting this city, he had been impressed with the uniqueness of this small town. Watched the aromas around the city, opposite The Church of St Mary in the brewery that turns yellow in detail the well-preserved church buildings.

Calm lake with benches and green grass, the air was so quiet in the silence.

Neuzelle is unique as the city of the brewery, a place which is very old, named Neuzeller Klofter Brau.

It was started in 1416 by the monks, a long tradition of a long record of the history of the city, lasted for 600 years. This brewery had just received permission in 589 AD, Neuzeller Klofter Brau calls this year as the year of the founding of their business.

With the establishment of their business, it is immediately apparent new building since 1902, and the construction of warehouses and packing various kinds of beer in 1994 and the workers gradually shifted to local communities in the development effort.

To be able to enjoy a beer there, provided the wood shop to taste several types of beer in there while still early. Indeed, for visitors it is not unusual, but this trip was special.

Three glasses of beer served in a row, the dark beer, pilsner, and cherry or apple beer, and for those who want to choose without the alcohol content can drink himmelspforte (gate of heaven) made from raspberry, cherry, and lemon. The drinks are also very popular for fans of beer.

Drinking beer the morning while eating typical German bread (hard-shelled but soft on the inside) really adds to the warm atmosphere.

Neuzelle, the quiet city, cool but sunny, well explored in silence before winter arrives.

(Source Wisnu Nugroho - Kompas /Image Prima Widi Hatmi)


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