British tourist at the most to Indonesia

Such statements made by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia concerning the presence of tourists from continental Europe to the portal site, January 25, 2013.

British tourist at the most compared with other tourists who come from continental Europe, such as France, Germany or the Netherlands. Travellers from Europe really like adventure tourism, it is not difficult to find when they arrive in Indonesia.

A news website from England, the Telegraph, the annual report contains the results of the Post Office that calculates the cost of items commonly purchased eight British tourists currently travel to other countries, such as food, beverages, and toiletries.

This is what becomes interesting, because it is known then any tourist destinations in the most expensive and the cheapest in the opinion of a British tourist.

For example, South Korea became the most expensive destination with £ 146.93, Australia became the second most expensive destination with an average total cost reached £ 145.28. Later in the third most expensive is Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Saint Lucia fourth and fifth most expensive is Antigua. New Zealand, China, and Canada are also included expensive destinations.

Then where the cheapest destinations by tourists from the British tourists?

The following list of Cheap Destinations of Tourists from the British tourists version:

1. Spain (36.14 pounds)
2. Sri Lanka
3. Cheque Republic
4. Indonesia (40, 47)
5. Vietnam (43.20)
6. Portugal
7. Mexico
8. Turkey
9. South Africa
10. Egypt
11. Greece
12. Thailand (58.31)
13. Brazil
14. Antigua
15. Saint Lucia
16. Dubai
17. Australia
18. South Korea (£ 146.93)

(Source travelKompas, Telegraph /Image Budy Pratikto-Aa Sumadri)


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