Hunting the Extreme Culinary in Tomohon Market - Manado

A small town at the northern tip of Sulawesi island, Indonesia, Tomohon (45 minute drive from Manado - the provincial capital) with a truly special culinary dishes tend to be extreme for most people. Visitors will be amazed at all that is presented without shock, if you have prepared yourself.

The name of the market, when it has arrived in the city is just walk away from the bus terminal – Beriman Market - Tomohon located in the Paslaten Village, offers a variety of meat such as pork, dogs, lizards, snakes, bats are sold freely.

In the holiday season such as Christmas and New Year, the market will be very festive atmosphere, the majority of the population are Christian! They will be there to prepare a Christmas meal, really special.

Mothers seller (tanta-tanta, middle-aged women - a local term) has come out the menus on the tables, a mouse roasted black, with tails intact. The day they can sell up to 200 mice!

Of course this is not just any mice, rats that consumed is the kind of meat of white-tailed wood rat. The seller must convince buyers that it sells are white-tailed mouse, not a rat from the gutter.

Humm... There's more, some sellers; also offers Paniki - complete with wings and would have burned anyway, this kind of bats, hanging on the cross that had been prepared. You can buy by asking that her stomach cleaned first, so cut the wings and head.

There are still other menus are available, such as meat complete with python skin and head. Lizard, which has also been burned, even monkey meat of the type commonly sold, a type of protected monkey Macaca nigra.

For fans of dog meat and ‘water’ worm (a type of tree sago worm rich in protein), here, of course there is, it is also special. Chopped and ready to be cooked, and some are already burned but still intact. "We also provide a living one, so let the buyers can choose," said a seller.

Another typical menus from Minahasa (another name for the people in this area) is ragey satay (skewers with lard dominant), tore pork and beef fur (meat cooked in bamboo).

This region is known for its diverse extreme culinary, is not difficult to find an extreme dish. If you are an adventurous time in this region, a mountainous, cool weather and a beautiful lake in the distance, Lake Tondano.

(Source RA Buol - Manado, travelKompas /Images Cornelia Rina Natalia, Glen Polakitan, Pingkan Kenda)


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