The World’s Largest Mall in Dubai

This country apparently always wanted to build a large in everything, of course there is the message there. An overview of the rise and stability, something like that.

In an effort to meet Dubai's ambition to become the regional capitals, the matters submitted by the local government, which is expected to be a business and cultural capital for the people in the Middle East.

A building construction plan is expected to be built by Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties construction companies - as signs of recovery for the country, which can generate self-confidence. We certainly would have been out amid spectacular skyscraper in the country, The Burj al Khalifa.

Well, this time they wanted to build the biggest mall in the world. This news was delivered by the Reuters news agency on Sunday, November 25, 2012, "The named given is Mall of the World, later this mall has 100 hotels and can accommodate 80 million visitors per year," said Sheikh Mohammed, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

Biggest mall will be optimized to use at Universal Studios amusement center, which is designed for 6 million visitors per year, also includes the Arts District and the area where entrepreneurs can grow the business.

They were never affected by the world economic crisis, about 3 years ago, property prices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi too, had dropped 50 percent.

They rise quickly, especially with the passion of tourism that continues to soar. In the first half of 2012, tourists in Dubai has grown 10 percent, while hotel revenue grew 19 percent.

Travelers continued to arrive through the numbers estimated 50 million people, a lot of things that will dazzle the world travelers while being there, for example, saw a replica Taj Mahal, including the 300-room hotel, and a major canal into the center of the business district in Dubai.

Who knows you also have plans to this place, isn’t it?

(Source Reuters, Kompas /Images wikipedia)


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