5 Flavor of Bali Hot Spicy ‘Sambal’ Sauce

A friend write down his experiences in Bali, when found a variety of typical food from Bali. In addition to a variety of this typical food, it turns out the island is also a variety of flavors spicy sauce, which is commonly added as a way of increasing arousal eat.

He recommend it to a place where we can find other types of special hot spicy sauce (sambal in local terms). Actually this kind of sauce begins inadvertently discovered a bottle containing hot chili brand labeled, "Sambal Bu Susan".

If so where's special spicy sauce? This spicy sauce itself has kind of like onions and chilli sambal prawns as an example.

Apparently they can be said to be known for is still new, but it feels really special and nice to be a friend to eat.

The creator, Mrs. Susan apparently known as the recognized expert in preparing food, including making a special spicy sauce, of course. She made a “sambal” with 5 flavors, namely chili garlic sauce, teri (little fish) spicy sauce, salty fish sambal, petai sambal and prawn sambal.

Of course, just a fan of spicy sambal to know exactly. The man who first tried and do not know the option will definitely buy chili garlic hot spicy sauce, if consumers prefer flavored sambal petai, would immediately choose sambal petai. Likewise with the other variants.

Try one kind of chili is accompanied with the main meal, ‘teri’ fish sauce (little fish spicy sauce) was delicious, spicy and a little salty. Still there are small fish there on the sidelines of sauces. It is suitable when made as a mixture for fried rice.

It will burn the entire oral cavity, but tempting and an unique sensation!

Source: Frans, KompasTravel
Image: Frans - rekomendasi.me


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